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Become a Yamas Pet Products Retailer

If you own a pet shop or specialized pet products store, you know how important it is to have a wide selection and great pricing. Questions like "Do you have educational parrot toys?" or "Do you have special food for Labradors who are shedding?" are easily answered when you do business with Yamas. The answer is always YES!

Becoming a Yamas Retailer Means Offering More

  • The line of Royal Canin foods perfectly adapted for dogs and cats
  • Our line of accessories for dogs and cats
  • An incredible selection of food and accessories for birds and small & big pets
  • Exceptional quality at competitive prices

It Also Means Choosing Your Order Method

By telephone, fax or email:

  • Check out our entire product line easily in our catalog
  • Select products and place your order
  • Receive your order each week

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Are You a Manufacturer in Search of a Distributor?